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Romans 11:17-18
“Slipping Through the Gates of Hell”
The NEW book: by Don Haney
A refreshingly open view 
behind the veil that has 
shrouded many precious 
and encouraging truths 
about life, death and our 
ultimate destiny.
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Slipping Through The Gates of Hell

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Romans 9:6-16

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11/22  Rosh Chodesh (Kislev)

12/16  Hanukkah begins at twilight

12/22  Rosh Chodesh (Tevet)

12/24  Hanukkah ends at twilight

1/20    Rosh Chodesh (Shevat)

2/19    Rosh Chodesh (Adar)

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                    DÉJÀ-VU, Remez & Sod,

                     Clues and Secrets

                     Article by: Don Haney

“…I was reluctant to even write this chapter, out of concern that some could not digest its contents. On the other hand, how can a book on the journey of the soul ignore the many questions people have about déjà-vu, past life experiences, seeing long dead loved ones…”

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“Slipping Through the Gates of Hell”

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Shabbat Teaching
“Leviticus: The Clean Or Un-Clean”
In the Sky
Grafted In Jerusalem
Psalm 122:6

                    7th Year Sabbath and Land Rest                     Article by: Don Haney

Once every seven years, God commands his people to keep a Sabbath rest. There are many blessings and instructions associated with this special Sabbath year. For one, God established it as a time to strengthen our foundation and heritage through Torah teaching.

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                   Long and Short of a Hairy Subject                     Article by: Don Haney

There seems to be a recurring confusion regarding biblical teachings on the subject of head coverings and hair - be it facial hair, men’s and women’s hair lengths or the religious ceremonial use of top hats and veils. The English translation of the Apostle Paul’s teachings in 1 Cor 11…

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                   The New Moons and Our Goals                     Article by: Aaron Berg

Should we care about the new moon? Does it matter if we observe them? Should we care about when a Hebrew month starts? What impact does it have on me?

Let’s take a look at what the Bible has to say about New Moons...

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