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For many, Torah means “law.” Torah is almost always translated into the English word ”law.” This is very misleading. While Torah includes law, it also includes the beautiful promises of God, His Covenants…

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CHAPTER 13 Royal Torah.pdf The Royal Torah for The Royal Seed Pentecost: A Countdown to Freedom

From counting the symbolic wave omer of firstfruits, to the freedom inherent in receiving God’s righteous Laws, all Israel needed was God’s Holy Spirit to give them a new heart.

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 A personal and uninhibited view behind the veil that  has shrouded many precious truths about life, death and the journey of our souls.





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(Pentecost) Begins at twilight, on the eve of the 23rd

Independence Day

USA - National Holiday


Memorial Day

USA - National Holiday

Rosh Chodesh

The Hebrew month of Tamuz begins at twilight

Father’s Day

USA - National Holiday

Video Teachings Additional Features The Shemitah Year


     Week of: 5/22/15 - 5/29/15 -Parashah 34      


Weekly Torah Portion

Brit Chadasha - 1 Cor. 12:12-31

Haftarah - Hosea 2:1-2:22

Torah - Numbers 1:1- 4:20

Why Being Grafted In Matters So Much

Article by: Don Haney

Romans 11 says that the Gentile believers (The Nations) are “Grafted In” to the tree that is Israel. What does this mean for You? Why is this so important?

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Grafted in to Israel

7th Year Shabbat and Land Rest

Article by: Don Haney

Once every seven years, God commands his people to keep a Shabbat rest (Shemitah). There are many blessings and instructions associated with this special Sabbath year. For one, God established it as a time to strengthen our foundation and heritage through Torah teaching.

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*Additional Haftarah and Brit Chadasha scriptures may be available. The Parashah we use is from The Complete Jewish Bible. Click here for PDF version

The Armor of God The Armor of God - Five Part Series Counting the Omer and Shemitah II
God's Torah Prophecy

We are living in a very unique time. So much is happening all around us. There’s so much for us to question.  What does it all mean?

God’s Torah is a blessing. It is a gift. It is our wisdom. It is truth. Torah is the word of God - it is a window into His beautiful mind.

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Biblical Prophecy - Israel and the Middle East Q & A

Counting The Omer

Article by: Don Haney

God’s teaches us to remember and mentally recount Israel’s journey out of Egypt to Sinai and the full historical fulfillment of God’s Feast of Firstfruits - and also reflect on the meaning that each of these days has for us today, in our own journey out of sin, toward God!

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Men and women hair lengths and head coverings.

Counting the Omer: Today is day 42


How To Escape The Wrath To Come - Pt.2