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Romans 11:17-18
“Slipping Through the Gates of Hell”
The NEW book: by Don Haney
UPDATED - Chapter 9 is now available

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1 Corinthians 3

Weekly Torah
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9/24   Tishrei begins at sunset
          (Rosh Chodesh)
9/25   Yom Teruah* (Trumpets)

9/25-10/4  Yamim Noraim
                 (10 Days of Awe)

10/4   Yom Kippur* (Atonement)

10/9-10/15   Festival of Sukkot
10/16  Shemini Atzeret
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                    When Messiah Freed The Captives

                    From Hell, They Ascended

                    Article by: Don Haney

Thus far in our journey we have surveyed many passages about Hell and our soul’s life after death, as we explored many deep mysteries of God’s plan of life and salvation for us all. Now let’s look deeper into these hidden mysteries and see the distinction God makes…

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“Slipping Through the Gates of Hell”

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* Denotes - Begins evening before at sunset

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Shabbat Teaching - September 13th
“Revelation - Signs in The Sky”
In the Sky
Psalm 122:6

                   Days of Awe - Preparing Ourselves                     Article by: Aaron Berg

Is your life the postcard for harmony and serenity? Do you live in a peaceful state of bliss? Does everything in your life smell like roses and do all conversations begin and end with a genuine, loving smile? My guess is that most of you will answer “no” to these questions…

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                    7th Year Sabbath and Land Rest                     Article by: Don Haney

Once every seven years, God commands his people to keep a Sabbath rest. There are many blessings and instructions associated with this special Sabbath year. For one, God established it as a time to strengthen our foundation and heritage through Torah teaching.

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                   Long and Short of a Hairy Subject                     Article by: Don Haney

There seems to be a recurring confusion regarding biblical teachings on the subject of head coverings and hair - be it facial hair, men’s and women’s hair lengths or the religious ceremonial use of top hats and veils. The English translation of the Apostle Paul’s teachings in 1 Cor 11…

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