Torah is Love
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Torah  is  love

"The Passover Lamb, Unleavened Bread, Manna, and a glass of wine; Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread all point to Messiah like a beautiful reflection of our Lord’s Body sacrificed for us (Col 2:16-17).  

Awaken your walk with God through an enriching study that is sure to reveal many meaningful and positive lessons as well as a thorough study of the Passover 14/15 questions." 

Don E. Haney

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We welcome you to download the PDF of each chapter of the book: (Click each chapter to download - 12 chapters totaling 236 pages) Preface:  Names, Terms and the reason for their use Chapter 1:  Passover: The Path to Life Begins		-  Pages 1-12 Chapter 2:  Passover Reflections: What Men Put Before God, He Turned                            Against Them	 -  Pages 13 -16 Chapter 3:  A Babylonian Passover: It’s a Question of Time		-  Pages 17 - 32 Chapter 4:  The Timing of Yeshua’s Passover		-  Pages 33 - 39 Chapter 5:  Passover 14th or 15th - Exegesis or Eisegesis?		-  Pages 39 - 52 Chapter 6:  Unleavened Bread, Wine and Manna: It all points to Christ		-  Pages 53 - 68 Chapter 7:  Passover to Easter: Pagan Transformations		-  Pages 69 - 88 Chapter 8:  Lost and Found: The Saving Shepherd	-  Pages 89 - 112 Chapter 9:  I Was Found, I Was Healed		-  Pages 113 - 122 Chapter 10:  Baptism and a New Life: Following Israel out of Egypt	-  Pages 123 -154 Chapter 11:  Yeshua’s New Covenant Passover Seder and the Ancient Teachings and Symbols		-  Pages 155 - 200 Chapter 12:  Messianic Haggadah: The Order of the Passover Service for                             the Church of God		-  Pages 201 - 230 End Notes:  Pages 231 - 234 Bibliography:  Pages 235 - 236 Passover The Price The Path