Torah is Love
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Torah  is  love

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                          - A Forerunner For Us

                          -Do We See Signs Of Life After Death?

                          -They Ascended

                          - When Did Yah First Love You?

                          - A Biblical View…  

                          -Why Does It Matter So Much?

This book is an exciting and in-depth look at the journey of our souls. Topics Biblically explored are: life, life between the death and resurrection of the body, death, Hell, Heaven, reincarnation or past lives, the difference between body, soul and spirit, how the soul is converted, salvation, predestination, your ultimate destiny and so much more! While some non-biblical sources are considered, the evidence put forward in this book is Bible based. As a Torah teacher, author and ordained shepherd over God’s flock for more than 22 years now, Don has found few subjects shrouded in more doubt and confusion than the very personal subjects that are dealt with in this book. Don is not afraid of the truth and is beholden to no man, so this book is not for the timid. It is bold and straight forward from the word of God.


Don has authored, Satan’s Seat of Tyranny, Pentecost: A Countdown to Freedom, Passover: The Price, the Path, and numerous articles, but Don believes this to be his most important work to date.


Enjoy this personal and uninhibited view behind the veil that has shrouded many precious truths. Finally, the truth can set you free.


Please partner with us and support our efforts in sharing God’s amazing truth with others through your donations and freewill offerings. May Yah guide and bless you as you do. Enjoy,

Slipping Through the Gates of Hell

By Don Haney